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Altán achieves the second milestone of population coverage; reaches 50.18% of the country’s inhabitants with its 4.5G LTE Advanced technology

8 January, 2020

    • The head of Promtel, the supervising agency of Red Compartida, delivered the certificate of compliance of the second milestone to the Managing Director of Altán in the presence of the Undersecretary of Communications and Technological Development of the SCT.
    • In total, the national coverage of ALTÁN’s network reaches 56.3 million people, 10.5 million of them in populations of less than 10 thousand inhabitants; 30 cities, 57 Pueblos Mágicos, including 21,067 rural towns.
    • Altán achieved the goal more than 30 days before the deadline and is already deploying infrastructure for its next milestone due in 2022 of 70% of population coverage.


CDMX, January 6th, 2020.- ALTÁN Redes, the Mexican company deploying and operating Red Compartida, the country’s mobile wholesale broadband network, received on December 30th the certificate of compliance for the second milestone of population coverage established in the Public-Private Partnership contract (PPP) for the Red Compartida project, on behalf of its supervisor, the Telecommunications Investment Promotion Agency (Promtel) and in the presence of authorities of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

Red Compartida provides coverage to 50.18% of the country’s population, that reaches 56.3 million inhabitants, including 10.5 million in communities of less than 10 thousand inhabitants, a progress in the important public policies of the current administration to provide more access to broadband internet and promote competition in the national telecommunications market.

The national coverage of ALTÁN’s network is currently operational in 30 cities, as well as its surrounding urban and rural areas, and 57 Pueblos Mágicos. In terms of infrastructure, it has more than 4,400 cellular sites in all regions of the country, as well as more than 32,350 km of optical fiber, 4 Cores -located in Mexico City, Monterrey, Hermosillo and Mérida- and 4 Data Centers in those same sites.

This milestone of population coverage is achieved more than 30 days before the due date established in the contract and exceeds the goals set through the deployment of infrastructure in 4G-LTE Advanced technology.  

Altán’s network, in service since March 2018 and already the best performing 4.5G-LTE network in the country, has more than 40 commercial customers under its wholesale offer scheme, which already allows it to provide fixed wireless internet services to homes and businesses, as well as mobile services, for hundreds of thousands of users throughout the territory.

Salvador Álvarez Valdés, Managing Director of Altán, received the certificate of compliance from Lourdes Coss Hernández, Managing Director of Promtel, in the presence of Salma Jalife Villalón, Undersecretary of Communications and Technological Development representing the SCT.


Altán states its commitment to continue its investments and its aggressive deployment plan to cover 70% of the population by January 2022, including its Social Coverage Plan to meet the recent changes made to its deployment calendar that will bring the country’s best network to areas of high marginalization and digital exclusion nationwide to cover almost 100,000 localities of less than 250 inhabitants and more than 20,000 localities of less than 5,000 inhabitants by the end of 2021.

Altán’s compliance with the objectives established for Red Compartida by the Mexican Government promotes the vision of achieving a better connected country for its inhabitants, bringing the Internet to everyone in the country.

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About ALTÁN Redes

Mexican private company that develops and operates Red Compartida, the most important telecommunications network in recent years in Mexico. Altán has passed a first phase of its operation with the successful deployment of coverage to 50% of the population of Mexico, with the best 4.5G technology utilizing the 700 MHz band spectrum. The benefits of the Altán network are currently the best according to independent quality benchmarks published on the Mexican mobile market. It has more than 40 clients, which include the main telecommunications operators and retail distributors in the country. Altán announced on October 1st the start of the deployment of the social coverage in order to provide broadband services to the most marginalized populations in Mexico. Red Compartida is developed through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the Government of Mexico. Its final objective is to cover at least 92.2% of the Mexican population through a neutral and non-discriminatory wholesale mobile broadband network.


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