Altán | La Red Compartida

You can now can be part of the most modern network in Mexico

By joining Altan’s Red Compartida, you help us in our mission to close the digital divide in areas lacking connectivity and widen 4.5G coverage across the country

Today, it is now a reality and you can be part of it.

Why is Altán’s Red Compartida the best network in Mexico?

Broadband 4.5G, for mobile phone use and fixed internet, prepared for 5G.

Indoor coverage.

The best speed in data transmission

Democratize telecommunications access in the country.

We offer the most attractive voice, sms, and data packages on the market
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These are the current operators that offer different mobile phone and fixed internet services

in the home under 4.5G technology operated by Altan’s Red Compartida.

MBB (Mobility)

HBB (Home Internet)

IOT (Internet oh things)

Altán’s Red Compartida allows new players to enter the market and helps current operators expand their portfolios.

With Altán’s Red Compartida competition increases, prices improve and users are
granted access to the best technology in the country.

I’m interested in being an Altan Red Compartida client

Altán’s Red Compartida currently covers 56 commercial areas and 84 Magic Towns covering 65.79% of the population.

Every day we add more areas. By 2021 coverage will reach 70% of the population and by 2024 92.2% of inhabitants in Mexico.