Why the Red Compartida? | ALTÁN Redes

Why the
Red Compartida?

Altán’s Network

is the most transformative telecommunications project in recent years in México and around the world.

What is
the Red Compartida?

It is a modern broadband wireless 4.5G voice and data network, whose infrastructure and connectivity enhance the 700 MHz spectrum with more coverage and capacity, at the best price.


· Contribute to closing the digital divide and ease

the adoption of information technologies in urban and rural areas.

· Reach regions that currently lack connectivity.

· Expand coverage and capacity of current and future telecommunications services, for example:

  • Better connectivity for schools, hospitals and areas falling behind digitally
  • New public security service provisions
  • The Internet of Things

· Promote the creation of new telecommunications companies

· Drive healthy competition in the sector through better prices in connectivity services

· Contribute to incentivizing more investment in the sector

· Allows authorized dealers or traders in telecommunications to offer more competitive prices and higher quality services to their users

· Elevate performance of services to international standards

· The only network that, since its conception and launch, utilizes the most recent generation 4.5G technology and is prepared for 5G

· Promote new digital services, taking advantage of the technology for IoT (“The Internet of Things”)

· Guarantee services with better connectivity and higher speed for end users

· Improve business operations to transfer benefits to users

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Today, more than 79 million Mexicans are covered by the Altán’s Network

The Red Compartida brings connectivity

These testimonies speak to the benefits of bringing internet to all, without distinction, to even the least populated areas.

Red Compartida population coverage milestones

Total of population covered

(Millions of inhabitants based on the INEGI 2010 census)

111 “Magic towns” *defined by SECTUR 2016
Social Coverage 7.2%
· The goal of our Social Coverage Plan is to bring internet to the 7.2% of the population found in 115 thousand localities.
· Coverage for localities of fewer than 5 thousand inhabitants throughout the country by the end of 2021