How do we operate?

Red Compartida operates under a Private-Public Partnership agreement

A 20-year concession granted by the Federal Government to Altán Redes after winning an international public bid which arose as a result of the Telecommunications Reform.

To determine the terms and conditions under which to design, deploy, operate, and maintain Red Compartida a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) was created consisting of the following elements:

Private-Public Partnership (PPP) Contract

Private component

Altan Redes

Altán Redes invests in financial, technical, human, and operative resources to transform the spectrum in network services, integrating unique features:

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Developing a whole-sale, universal, continued, neutral and non-discriminatory shared-network (Red Compartida).
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Cover 92.2% of the aggregate population in Mexico by 2024, including 15% of coverage in populations with less than 10,000 inhabitants.

Cover 111 Pueblos Mágicos [from the “Magical Towns Program”] by 2022.

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Service quality requirements at minimum

Develop a Network a 4G LTE mobile broadband network.

A minimum throughput of 4 Mbps in down-link and throughput of 1 Mbps up-link.

Public component

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