What do we offer?

We offer a Network of whole-sale infrastructure and connectivity to enhance possibilities to all types of operators, such as MVNOs and even the social ones.

Red Compartida provides tailored solutions, and base products to offer and service your end-users to a greater extent.

We adapt to any type of customer requirement

Red Compartida allows concessionaires and retailers to innovate and amplify their portfolio of existing products, enhance the value of their offer to end-users with useful products and services thanks to the mobile 4.5G connectivity.


  • Voice calls supported by 4G technology round the clock
  • High definition
  • Greater speed in data delivery
  • Low latency and speeds of up to 400 Mb per second

Red Compartida technology allows you to strengthen your business

It’s a fixed connectivity product through a mobile broadband

Allows Internet services in homes and businesses with the best intramural coverage.


  • The best quality of Internet indoors
  • Minimum garanteed throughput speed
  • Plug & Play wireless routers allowing end users to connect independently.
  • No investment required to offer solutions to end-users
  • Instant solutions for our customers

We offer the best quality, service and price