Why choose Red Compartida?

Red Compartida is one of the most revolutionary telecommunications projects in the last few years in Mexico and the world.

What is Red Compartida?

Red Compartida is a modern 4G LTE broadband network of voice and data services, with infrastructure and connectivity that transforms spectrum efficiently to provide greater coverage and capability, at a better cost.


  • Facilitates digital inclusion and adoption of information technologies in urban centers and rural areas.
  • Reaches areas with no current connectivity.
  • Increases coverage and capability of current and future telecommunications systems, for example:
    • Greater connectivity in school, hospitals, and marginalized areas.
    • New public safety services using video technology.
  • Promotes the creation of new telecommunications companies.
  • Thrusts for healthy competition in the industry by bringing in better pricing and providing more services.
  • Contributes in incentivizing increased investments in the industry.
  • Allows telecommunications concessionaires and distributors to offer more competitive prices and better-quality services to their users.
  • Increases the performance of services to International standards.
  • It’s the only network that uses cutting-edge 4G-LTE technology from conception to Deployment in all its footprint, and ready for 5G.
  • Drives for new digital services, taking advantage of its technological capabilities in speed and low latency for IoT (“Internet of things”).
  • Assures enhanced connectivity and greater speed for telecommunications services.
  • Allows for betterment in business operations and the transfer of these benefits to users.

Our goal is to connect millions of Mexicans